About My Horses

Dreamy Starlet is the reason this blog was started and why it was first entitled "Standardbred Excellence".  She is a 1991 Standardbred mare, out of Dreamy Almahurst by On The Road Again.  Dreamy is a black bay with a star, near front pastern, near hind pastern, and off hind pastern, and she stands at 15.1 hands.  

Dreamy was foaled at Pine Hollow Breeding Farm in New York.  She raced briefly in 1993 and 1994 on the pace.  She had only a handful of starts and was retired.  She earned $1029 and her mark was Q 2:05.1 H.  She had four registered foals and all made it to the races.  She foaled Wil Dream Sandy in 1997, Will Star Gaze in 1998, Ap to Be Jack in 1999, and Amy Joe M in 2000.

I began to free lease Dreamy in May 2003 and her owner gave her to me for Christmas 2006! I am proudly listed on her papers as her legal owner!  :-)

Dreamy has proven she is a terrific riding horse, winning many ribbons in competition since 2007.  She won 90 year end awards in seven show seasons. Dreamy is now retired and enjoying the life of leisure, occasional trail rides, rolling in as much mud as possible, and embracing every opportunity to dismantle the pasture fence when the mood strikes her.

We showed throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  We competed at First Level and Training level dressage with scores up to 68.214% at USDF rated shows.  We also competed in horse trials at the Beginner Novice level, winning many times on our dressage score.  We have done "A" rated hunter shows through the Maine Horse Association, winning many championships, as well having fun at local schooling shows with the SPHO-Maine.  We marshaled at three local racetracks many times.  We also made the journey to the Horse Park of New Jersey for the National Championship Standardbred Horse Show in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Dreamy and I were very proud to represent the Standardbred breed by participating in four breed demonstrations at the World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park in October 2010.

Snap Dancer, nicknamed Snappy, is a 2000 bay Standardbred mare, out of Alberta's Ruffian and by Snap Hanover.  I honestly wasn't looking for a horse when I met Snappy; instead she is the mare that I was able to get my Racing Under Saddle license with in 2012.  I sat on her for the first time in July 2012 and we raced in September, winning our race and cinching my RUS license!  I had no intentions of ever owning her, as her owning was still racing her and I was just extremely thankful he allowed me to get my license with her.  As fate would have it, she ended up with a few disappointing starts that fall and by the beginning of winter her owner was ready to retire her.  He called me one Saturday afternoon while I was Christmas shopping and I did not even hesitate to say I would take her.  I don't know why, when I already had three horses and only three stalls, but I knew I had to make something work.  She arrived at a local Standardbred training barn on December 11, 2012, where I was lucky to board her for six weeks.  

At first, I had no idea what to do with Snappy.  I just enjoyed riding her and knew I would figure something out.  She learned a lot about dressage and a little jumping during the summers of 2013 and 2014.  Then we took a year off in order for me to have a baby!  I restarted her in the spring of 2016, and we had a fairy tale first show season, attending dressage shows, combined tests, and her first ever full three phase event!  My plan is to continue to event her in 2017 and aim for the Area I Schooling Horse Trials Championships. 

Joydale Sparklerslas is the best first horse a girl could ask for.  Affectionately known as “Sparky”, came into my life in January 1993, when I was thirteen years old and she was ten. She is a 1982 Morgan mare, out of Kennebec Spark and by Kennebec Chief.  Sparky is a bright chestnut with a connected star, strip, and snip, and she stands at 14.3 hands.  Sparky and I have competed in open shows, breed shows, dressage, three-phase eventing, and most recently combined driving.  

Sparky has been the one constant in my life through all life’s changes, from the tumultuous teenage years, romantic heartbreaks, two college degrees, marriage, and motherhood.  She was the one whose red mane I cried into when my parents divorced; she was the one I shared gumdrops with one Saturday night when I felt like the biggest loser in 11th grade.

Sparky’s life had been a tumultuous one, as I was her eleventh owner in her ten years.  While she started life well and was sold as a six month old weanling from the Joydale farm, her life took many turns from there.  She ended up at a notorious horse dealer’s barn here in Maine at least twice that I know about.  She was denied food for being sensitive to train, and was subjected to being thrown to the ground with the use of a “running W” device as she allegedly was a “rearer.”  She was ridden in harsh bits with heavy hands.  She was denied trust from those she should have been able to trust: humans.

But with patient training, I never saw any of those "problems" as described by her previous owners.  My little red headed Morgan has been the best horse for me.  Yes, she is sensitive and opinionated, but we get along because so am I!  I have done everything with her.  I promised her a forever home the day I unclipped the chain to lead her out of that straight stall (she had chicken poop all over her) and she will live with me until she passes away.  She is my spunky mare who would do cartwheels if I asked her to.   I am not sure what I will do without her someday, as she is the horse who has left deep hoof prints on my heart.  

Sparky passed away on July 2, 2014.  She was the best mare and I hope I did the right thing by her in the end.  You can read about that Very Sad day here.

Revenue Stream, nicknamed Reva, is my sensible and mischievous filly I owned from 2009 to 2013.  Reva now lives with a wonderful family here in Maine, enjoying Pony Club lessons and trail riding.  She is a 2006 Standardbred mare, out of Irish Caviar and by Revenue.  Reva is a bright bay with just a tiny bit of coronet on her left hind heel, and she stands at 16.3 hands...and growing!

Reva came to my farm from New Jersey on July 5, 2009.  She was officially given to me (I'm on her papers too) a few months later.  She fit in easily and without much issue.  She was MUCH bigger than I expected her to be...when I asked her owner how tall she was, he told me 15 hands.  I have now become wise to the fact that Standardbred horsemen say that ALL Standardbreds are 15 hands.  LOL!  

Having been born in Pennsylvania at Pin Oak Lane Farm, Reva was sold as a high priced yearling to Peninsula Farm in Kentucky.  She is from the first crop of foals from the Swedish stallion Revenue.  Unfortunately she never trained down past 2:20, which meant she was not considered NY Sire Stakes material.  But that was OK, since it gave me a chance to own her!

Reva was easygoing and sensible from the beginning.  We began her show career in 2011 and showed dressage, hunt seat, saddleseat, and even tried western!  She proved to be a fun and successful show horse, with multiple blue ribbon wins, championships, and 21 year end awards in just two show seasons!