Friday, August 31, 2012

SMDA Dressage Show - August 5, 2012

Reva and I competed at our third SMDA show this year on August 5.  We have been taking weekly lessons this summer, so I knew we would show improvement since our last SMDA show in June.  My only goals were to have fun, stay on the horse/stay in the ring (always a goal!  LOL!), score at least 65% on each test, and 7s on rider position. 

We met all of our goals!!  Yay!!  :-)

Reva was excellent.  I was so proud of her!  She has shown so many times now at the Hollis Equestrian Park that she is super comfortable there.  It is only a 30 minute drive from the house as well, so it is an easy day.  She warmed up PERFECTLY.  No fussing, no heaviness in the bridle, no anxiety at all.  She was forward, light, rhythmic, and happy!!  I loved it!  Even if I did not meet my showing goals, I felt like our warm up for Intro A was so lovely that is really didn't matter what happened.  Our tests both felt good and to my suprise, Reva scored the best scores of her young dressage career!

Intro A we scored a 70.3% and Intro B was a 70.6%!  WOW!  (For some reason, we tend to score very similar in the two tests...she is generally pretty consistent!)  Intro A was all 6.5s, 7s, 7.5s, and one 8 (on our change of rein!)  We scored all 7s on our collectives, with a 6.5 on impulsion and a 7.5 on rider position (YAY) and geometry/accuracy.  The judge wrote, "Lovely pair.  Be careful of her shortening neck too much."  This was a very accurate comment, since (besides preferring drunken centerlines), Reva does have trouble getting too sucked back in the neck.  It has improved 10000% since earlier this year, but there were still a moment or two in the test where I felt her try to drop behind the contact and shorten her neck.  I was so proud of her!  We won our class of five, which was the first time we won a dressage test!  We even won a little medal!  Good job mare!

Intro B was all 7s and 8s (one on the trot circle left, one on the trot circle right, and the other on RIDER POSITION!  YAY!!!!)  We had a 6.5 this time in submission (which was a 7 in Intro A) and a 7 on impulsion (which was a 6.5 in Intro A).  The other 6.5 was our first centerline; Reva likes to trot in straight lines with her haunches leading right.  We are working on that!!  After Intro B, I felt we had done another really nice test. (I knew my Intro A score before I rode Intro B).  I was so pleased with Reva and the judge must have agreed, as she wrote, "Nice job!!" on the bottom of my test.  I was so pleased to have earned an 8 on rider position...there was a time five years ago where I was consistently scoring 6s on rider position and sometimes even a 5!  Yikes!!  We ended up in second place out of 8 riders (I'm OK with losing to a great big warmblood...LOL!)

Besides the good solid scores and pretty ribbons, I had such a fun show morning with my two friends Katie and Tania.  Being with friends and having fun is really what showing is all about for me.  They both put in good rides in Intro A/B and Intro B/c respectively.  Katie is showing her Standardbred mare for the first time this year and Tania is doing a great job turning her western horse into a dressage pony! 

It is funny, because I was SO EXCITED to score so well, but then it dawned on me that this was only Intro A and B.  LMAO!  Let's be honest, while they are good scores, it is just two simple walk/trot tests.  I know, I know, I have trained her myself and all that, but still, this is not exactly hard.  I know many people score higher at much harder tests.  This was during the Olympics and I was like, whatever, they are all scoring in the 80s at Grand Prix, so why the hell am I so excited.  LOL!  Anyway, just making sure readers know that I know that while this is good stuff, I'm not out-of-touch enough to realize this is tadpole level.  ;-D

Katie's husband Kevin was kind enough to snap a few photos!  Thank you Kevin!

Full show results are here. 

Katie and Major (left) hang out with us before our test!  Reva looks super impressed.

A little on her forehand and I am tipped forward, but still cute!  :-)

I suspect we are getting ready to halt at X, but I rather see her a tad above the bit than BTV! 
More posing!  Reva still looks impressed....LOL!
Dressage is #1!  LOL!
Intro A results!  Gotta love the Standardbreds!
More posing with Tania and Otis!  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FEA Benefit Show

Our sixth Maine Horse Association affiliated show was on July 29, 2012.  It was a benefit show for the Friesian Events Association.  It was a soggy and wet day, but we had fun, as usual!  I am lucky to have a great group of horse show friends.  My grandfather and father both showed up to watch, which was really neat!  Reva was a very good mare...

  • Champion Junior Pleasure Horse
  • Reserve Champion Adult Equitation, Open
  • Reserve Champion STB 2-Gait Pleasure
  • 1st STB In Hand 
  • 1st Adult Equitation, Open
  • 1st Junior Pleasure Horse
  • 3rd STB 2-Gait Pleasure

We won cute canvas bags (left) as trophies, which means I have four!  LOL!
I am very proud with the mare's progress this year.  Due to time and finances, I might not be competing in any more MHA shows this year.  While it is a bummer because I do enjoy the shows and the people, I feel really good about how well we have done in MHA this year.  

The professional photos from the FEA Benefit are here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Acadia National Park 2012 - Second Annual Trip

I was fortunate enough to visit Acadia National Park again this year.  My friend Shelly and I had a BLAST last year and this time around was no different.  Several friends expressed interest in coming along, but only two actually did: Angie and Craig.  They are a super nice couple that live here in my town, and interestingly enough, Shelly knew Angie when they were younger.  And Craig is my friend Tania's dad!  LOL!  Small world indeed!

Dreamy really seems to love Acadia and is the perfect trail horse!  :-)  We spent four days this year, going up on Thursday and coming back on Sunday.  I really hope to return in 2013!

Ride #1 - Day Mountain Summit = 5.7 miles
Ride #2 - Jordan and Bubble Ponds = 8.3 miles
Ride #3 - Day Mountain short ride = 1.5 miles
Ride #4 - Jordan Stream and Amphitheater = 8 miles
Ride #5 - Day Mountain Summit sunset ride = 5.7 miles
Ride #6 - Jordan Pond Road Bridge, Barr Hill, Stanley Brook Bridge = 4.1 miles 
Total miles = 33.3

More photos are here!!!

Riding in Acadia National Park from Elizabeth Tewksbury on Vimeo.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gettin' Crafty!

I love being crafty, but I am not very talented.  LOL!  Every so often, I am inspired and create something that turns out exactly as I imagined.  I found this blog and loved the little animal jars.  (She sells them on etsy for $26!!  OMG!!)  I decided to create my own to donate to the American Saddlebred Association of Maine's Pink Party at their big Summer Spectacular show in a week.  I became a member of ASAM this year, not only because many of my friends are and I like to support friends, but also because I was able to accumulate points with ASAM for the roadster classes I did with Reva!  Many of the MHA affiliated shows I attend are put on by ASAM. 

So, I may not own a Saddlebred, but I support them!  How cute are these??  I bought used Breyer Stablemates on eBay, new Mason jars, Super Glue, spray paint, various pink candies, and ribbon and put them together this afternoon!  So easy and adorable!  :-)