Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010 SPHO-NJ Awards Banquet

This past Sunday, February 20, was the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of New Jersey awards banquet.  For the fourth year in a row, Dreamy won many awards.  :)  I flew down to NYC and took the train to New Jersey on Sunday to attend the banquet.  (That was a trip and a half.....nothing like a country girl navigating her way around on different trains, etc!  LOL!  Thankfully it was easy and I have a good sense of direction!)  I stayed with my good friend Helene, my long long big sister!  :)  It was too short of a trip, as I arrived in NJ at 3PM and left the following morning at 8AM.  

The WEG crew is reunited!  Well, minus Tania.... :-(

The banquet this year was HUGE!  It was held in the ballroom of a local Holiday Inn.  It was SO much fun!  We had good food, lots of fun auction items, excellent awards, great company and lots of dancing!  I danced so much I am still sore today!  LOL!  The best part was seeing the very strong support from the NJ harness racing community.  That to me is the most important group to have on your side as an SPHO and the NJ chapter does it best, in my opinion.  Too often SPHO's are anti-racing, which is ridiculous!

All of the drivers who were there to support!

Me accepting the Taurmade Memorial Award from Helene....it is in honor of her horse Taurmade
Yep, I had a blast....LOL!

Anyway, I am very thankful to Helene and her husband for their hospitality, to all of SPHO-NJ for the awesome banquet and awards, and to all of my NJ (and KY!) horse friends who I wish I could see on a more regular basis.  :-D

Dreamy was awarded...

Taurmade Memorial Trophy - for the highest dressage score at the National Standardbred Show (for the second time!)
Grand Champion Dressage
Grand Champion Hunter
Grand Champion Combined Training
Reserve Champion Demonstrations
Fourth place 3-Gait Open
Fourth place Versatility
Fifth place Overall High Point (in all divisions)
Sixth place In-Hand
Sixth place Showmanship

Yay mare!  I am pretty happy with the awards, especially since 90% of our shows were dressage only!  We had another great year of showing.  After four banquets over four months, this was our last one.  Here's looking towards a great 2011 show season!

Pics from Vicki Wright....there are more on her website.


Dom said...

I can't believe you flew all the way down here for that! Congrats on all your awards. I really should join one of these years.

STB Eventer said...

Thank you!

And yup, I am the most supportive out-of-state member possible! LOL! :-D It is sooooo much fun and a pretty easy trip without a horse! You definitely should join!

Kate said...

Holy crow, talk about cleaning up! Good to hear you did so well. You are setting the bar rather high for next year though ;)

STB Eventer said...

LOL Kate! I always think there is no way I could top the previous year. I have been showing her for four years and each year we do better and better...73 year end awards in four show seasons! Truthfully I have won everything and accomplished all of my dreams and goals with Dreamy....so anything after this is just for fun! Instead of trying to qualify for awards in 2011 I am focusing on moving her up to First Level. No more hunter shows for her either. :-) Plus, I have a young horse to start playing with too.